Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Should You Go To Tutoring?

One of the services that SSS provides for our students is tutoring. We have peer tutors who can teach many subjects. So, why should you take advantage of this service? The answer is very important: for your success! There are all kinds of students in the tutoring program. Some students just attend for an extra boost in the subject matter. College IS NOT easy, so you should never feel bad about asking for a little help now and then!

Sometimes it is advantageous to get help from another student, who can teach the content in another way. Our tutors are also students and have good study skills and hints, that they can share with you. All of our tutors want to assist you in achieving your goals, whether it be passing a test, passing a class, writing a paper, learning how to study more efficiently or help understanding meaning.

We currently have eight tutors. Each of them have "specialty areas" of tutoring and are strong LU students. Please stop by the SSS office and meet them. You can find each of them, at different times of the day, in the Tutoring Lab or the Computer Lab. They are usually helping students, assisting students in the Computer Lab or helping SSS staff. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful group of tutors here at SSS!

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