Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Workforce Stats on Unemployment

While male unemployment rates have mostly been very similar to female unemployment rates since 1948 (in the 70’s and 80’s the male rate was a little below the female rates), this chart from shows that this recession is different. Male rates have soared to a peak 10.6% while females rates peaked at 8%. The reason for this unprecedented difference could be because the housing crisis hit the construction industry hard — an industry that is heavily male dominated.

This second chart, from shows that workers with less education suffer more unemployment than those with a more education. The difference has been even greater than ever in this recession. In 2001, the workers with no education were suffering an unemployment rate of around 9%, while for those with a bacherlor’s degree the rate was about 3 percent.

However, in this recession, that has been about a 10% difference between those with no high school diploma and those with a bachelor’s degree. The unemployment rate for those with no high school diploma peaked at 15.6%.


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