Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What if every student had a computer?

Imagine if our students were being taught in systems where technology was just a natural part of the way we created and constructed and connected and learned, that it was how we do the business of education. Imagine how this would change the way we learn.


jayson.sias said...

The way that students learn should always use the latest and greatest inovations that today's technology has to offer. I've heard of some colleges using Podcasts (for the IPOD) as a way of getting their lectures out to all of their students. I think that people should use every medium available to educate.

Felicia said...

Todays technology is a double edge sword.Technology allows people to connect with one antoher just by a click of the mouse with im or a text message. Yet in a way I feel that it also allows room for disconnect. People become more comfortable communicating with a screen, I feel that it might hinder face-to-face social relationships. There are colleges that are just on-line schools and I have not problem with that, but the start of implementaing ipod type teaching in a traditional class setting is not for me. I have taken and on-line class before and enjoyed, yet I perfer the traditional interactive class setting.

Andrea Stephenson said...

I'm with you Felicia. As an employer, I can see how students who don't develop those face-to-face skills might fall behind in the job race in the future. It's really important to recognize there is a time and place for communication in person and via electronic means.