Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you have an E-Portfolio?

Very simply put, a portfolio is a collection of evidence that is gathered together to show a person’s learning journey over time and to demonstrate their abilities. Portfolios can be specific to a particular discipline, or very broadly encompass a person’s lifelong learning.

An e-portfolio can be an interactive, modern way to show off your work experience to potential employers. Don't worry if you are not entirely web design savvy. You can still create a portfolio that is simple but speaks volumes about your talent and accomplishments in your career field.

If you want to establish your brand on the Internet; showcase yourself, your talents or your academic work, e-portfolio is the digital age information system to use.

Have you considered starting an E-portfolio?  Take a look at this video for some inspiration.

Also, here are a couple of links to E-portfolios for you to do some further research.

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