Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Known Facts about Southeast Texas

The Port of Beaumont is the second largest U.S. military port in the world. About 48 percent of military cargo shipped overseas for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq passed through the port.

The Port of Beaumont is a leader in world commerce. Figures show goods flowing through the port were exported to 37 countries in 2008. Imports came from 21 countries. Port business activity generates about $11.6 million in state and local taxes and $23.3 million in federal tax revenue.

South Africa, Venezuela, Iraq, Qatar and Italy were the top five destinations for cargo leaving the port in 2008.

Recent economic impact statistics show the Port of Beaumont produces more than 1,860 jobs. The port generates more than $129 million in personal income for Southeast Texans.

The Port of Beaumont made aviation history when a Zeppelin shipped to the port took off for California on October 17, 2008. This was the first Zeppelin flight in U.S. skies since the Hindenburg crashed in 1937.

The Ronne Expedition, the last privately sponsored U.S. research mission to Antarctica, departed from the Port of Beaumont on January 25, 1947.

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